BuhleBakho means “Your own beauty.”
Let’s help you show it.

BuhleBakho Communications is a registered business that provides branding and communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and individuals. We are intentional about understanding who you are and what you are about so that your truth takes the lead in the various showcases of your venture. Our insight on communication techniques is broad and diverse – we will ensure that your brand aligns with your purpose and is relatable to the audience and stakeholders that matter to you.

Putting a brand identity together and communicating it effectively can be an overwhelming process with several blind spots. BuhleBakho supports you in sorting through your plans, ideas and overall story to ensure your brand is brought to life in a manner that is attractive and authentic. We want your audience to see that you are worth buying into, and we also care about getting you inspired to perform your business activities with pride and confidence. This will further aid you in delivering with a natural charm.


Your Story Has Currency

People don’t only connect with your product and services; they also connect with your brand story.

We loves stories!  Lets guide you in creatively developing, maintaining and showcasing the narrative of your brand so that your essence is seen.

Through a network of skilled and talented professionals, BuhleBakho is equipped to provide you with a wholesome service. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to ways of working that are convenient to you and suitable for your objectives. The services we offer are thoughtfully crafted to suit each clients’s unique purpose.



Our Services

Strategy development
Content production & support



BuhleBakho’s Service To Individuals

Whether you are a student, freelancer, employee or entrepreneur, you are your own person before the spaces and positions you occupy. We understand this. Your story is worth telling and we are here to help you nurture your personal brand so that you are positioned accordingly for the opportunities you are genuinely interested in. We also offer insights and guidance to help you fulfill your work interests and passions.


BuhleBakho’s Service To Businesses

We extend our services to both new and seasoned SMEs. Often, the day to day operations of your business can leave you with limited time and energy to capitalise on other sweet spots. BuhleBakho serves as your additional mind, eyes and ears to ensure that your brand’s essence comes through in your messaging. Whether you are conceptualising from scratch, looking to revamp, planning a campaign, we can meet you at any level for any purpose to guide you in showcasing ubuhle bakho.


Get Empowered In Owning Your Story

BuhleBakho Communications also offers workshops on branding and communication to learning institutions, company teams and other focused groups. Anyone else looking to empower themselves in telling their story qualifies. Round up your friends, acquaintances, family members or colleagues and get in touch.